Quinta H.O.A. Vigilante Committee Meeting 12/12/09


Meeting called to order by Vigilante Committee President, Gus Avila, at 10:10 a.m.


ROLLCALL: Committee President, Gus Avila; Nancy Logan, Secretary; Rosalba Espinoza, Treasurer; Steve Barba and Connie Wright. Our accountant, Javier Vargas, was also present.



Casa 70 tenant, Jorge Ortega, has vacated the property and the balance of his household items, piled up in front of La Masia, will be removed on Tuesday Dec. 15 and disposed of .


The Vigilante Committee has agreed to continue the contract with attorney Hector Gonzalez to represent Quintas H.O.A. and also to continue using Javier Vargas as our accountant. These continuations will be confirmed at the January 30th, 2010 General Assembly meeting.


The committee agrees that the accountant and attorney have fulfilled their obligations to the H.O.A. and encourage the assembly to ratify them for another year.


The committee will present a $25.00/month association dues increase for July , August and September 2010 months to offset the extraordinary costs incurred during the these months.



Report included in meeting packet available on line and from the office upon request.


Connie Wright requested from our accountant, Javier Vargas, a year to date column on the monthly profit and loss statement. He agreed.


The $27.00 assessment, for an extra kitchen in at least 20 houses, is being paid by about 8 owners. President Avila will bring up in the General Assembly Meeting how they want us to proceed to collect that assessment from the non-payers.


The motion to accept the Treasurerís report by Steve Barba, seconded by Connie Wright, passed.



The committee is streamlining the budget based on the month to month expenses and will present its recommendations at the January 2010 General Assembly meeting.





Quintas H.O.AÖ..2



Due to the collapsing bridge between the condos and the La Masia pool, the H.O.A. will close off that access to the pool from the Condos side and we will take over maintenance of that pool.


The administrator is to follow up with out attorney to confirm that a lien has been placed on casa #70.


Townhouse 1 & 2 are next in line to go to court in January after Christmas recess.


Steve Barba requested an update on the number of houses where electricity has been disconnected.


Anna Maria Arellano will be coming to the office, pro bono, to cover for Administrator Glen Hall during next week while he is on vacation and will return full time January 4.


The committeemoved the General Assembly meeting t0 1/30/ 2010


Meeting adjourned 11:35


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy McBride Logan





Quintas H.O.A. Vigilante Committee Meeting 10/17/09



Roll Call: The meeting was called to order at 10.30. President Gus Avila; Secretary Nancy McBride Logan; Treasurer Rosalba Espinoza; Members at Large, Steve Barba and Connie Wright, were present. Accountant Javier Vargas was also present.



The General Assembly minutes will be available in the office

President Avila reports about his most recent conversation with Attorney Hector Gonzalez re: House #70; Because the occupant did not prove ownership he was served with an eviction notice to vacate the house by October 31. If he does not comply the H.O.A.can forcibally remove him with police intervention. Any belonging left in the house will be stored at H.O.A. expense for 30 days and then we can sell the items if not claimed. The house will then be put up for public auction. The H.O.A. past due bill and legal expenses will be paid first.


Casa #96; has been served due to failure to prove ownership. Itersa and Scotia Bank have been notified about proving the ownership of the property.


Paperwork for La Masia has been initiated.


Discontinue life Insurance policy for employees initiated by past president Gloria Farias.


Decrease electricity by turning outside common area lights on 1 hour later at night and turn off 1 hour earlier in the morning. Committee wants to see how much this affects electric bill.




Total income for September 09†††† $27,544.00

Total expenses for September 09, $25,783.00

Net Profit†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† $1,761.00


Sr. Vargus reminds us that without the income from past due accounts and prepaid accounts we would not be able to stay afloat since only 53% of the income came from current dues.

Motion to accept financial report by Steve Barba, Second by Nancy McBride Logan, passed unanimously.



Administrator, Glen Hall, said that everything is running quite smoothly.

Street repairs are continuing including leveling bricks to prevent tripping.

No more major projects until after we collect more past due money with the exception of future work to streets based upon that homeowners have volunteered to pay for the materials (brick, sand & cement) in front of their property, then H.O.A will provide labor to complete the repair.


Replacing broken lights around complex.


Trimming palms from ladders by in house maintenance. Looking for affordable solutions for taller palms. The outside estimate is at about $1,200.00. This is a rat & fire hazzard

The Committee agrees to have the trimming of 55 palm trees in the common area split between November and December at approximately $20.00/tree which may or may not include hauling the fronds away.



Charlie Espinoza is trying set up an appointment with Mayor Hugo Torresí private secretary regarding the night the Federales entered the complex and forcibly entered 2 homes. We want to know what prompted this invasion.


Discussion about whether the center street and the homeownerís streets are public or private. Refer this question to Catastro in Rosarito for opinion in writing.


Reminder that each house has a maximum of two (2) parking spaces. If one is taken away by construction or addition to the home, then only one space is available. At present we are giving 72 hour notice for cars illegally parked, abandoned or without license plates before towing.


Nancy McBride Logan spoke about the issue of the deck which was built on the roof of casa #113 blocking their view of the ocean even though the owner was told to take the deck down when the construction began on three (3) separate occasions. Glen Hall will refer this to our attorney.


Change the 2010 General Assembly meeting to January 23 so that we are closer to having a full year budget and election of vigilante committee members.


Motion to adjourn by Steve Barba and 2nd by Connie Wright. Motion passed unanimously.










Homeowner Nancy Logan (casa 128) (vigilante committee secretary) was designated as Secretary for meeting. Vote 33 in favor votes, 10 against.

Examiners for meeting homeownerwere Jerry Logan (casa 128) & homeowner Alma Hassler (casa 19).



Homeowner James Lawless (TH 9) designated to preside over the meeting.


Agenda #3: FIRST CALL

First Call: 10:00 a.m. no quorum (5 voting homeowners present)


Agenda #4: SECOND CALL

Second Call: 10:30 a.m. no quorum (31 voting homeowners present and 8 proxies)


Agenda #5: THIRD CALL

Third Call: 11:00 a.m. and opening of meeting with 40 voting homeowners and 9 proxies.

Opening of meeting was called by Homeowner Gus Avila (casa 55), president of Vigilante Committee.



Vigilante Committee President Gus Avila (casa 55) spoke about the hospitalization of Administrator, homeowner Glen Hall (casa 46). Marlene Alseth (casa 33) passed away this month. Condolences to her family and friends.


Acknowledgement to Glen Hall (casa 46) and the office staff for all of their hard work and working together for the betterment of Quintas


We have upgraded the photo copier in the office and the radios for the guards and the office.


Introduction of Heidi Marroquin hired in June to assist Anna Maria Arellano and take over for Anna during her Maternity leave.


Acknowledge to Jose Luis Manjarrez and his staff for all their dedication and hard work. He and the workers have built an elevated guard house at the southwest corner of the property, they have secured the electrical cable running along the north and south property walls and done repair to our streets.


Informed the homeowners that Federal Government officers entered the complex and forced entry into 3 homes because of suspicion of drug related activity. These homes are now vacant and arrests of occupants were made. Quintas guards involved in the rental of those homes were terminated.


We hired an outside security company but because of inappropriate behavior by many of their guards we discontinued the service. We are presently attempting to keep the guards we have and continue to train and educate them regarding proper work ethics and procedures.



Quintas General Assembly Meeting 9/19/09Ö2


This is the year, thanks to the efforts of our attorney Hector Gonzalez, we will finally resolve the delinquent account problem.


Our Accountant, Javier Vargas will be giving us a recap of our accounting since the last General Assembly.


Thank you to Past President Danny Horan (casa 105) for all his help with the B of A account and transfer of funds from the lock box to the Mexican bank accounts.


Thank you to Eddie Monroy (casa 98) for the continued maintenance of the Web site which is a consistent location to retrieve information regarding whatís going on in Quintas del Mar.


Improvement of grassy area behind La Masia. We have a horse shoe pit and Croquet set available for use by the homeowners from the office.



Agenda #7: LEGAL STATUS:

Association Attorney Hector Gonzalez said that law suits on 2 properties (#70 & #96) have been filed and La Masia, pending paper work, will be filed next week. These 3 cases are the most difficult and complicated and there was no record in the court of previous Quintas attorneys having filed anything regarding these properties.


Once a case is filed a lien is filed. As soon as there is a court resolution it will take about 2 months before the property can be sold.


The present policy is to turn off electricity on a property when the delinquency reaches 60 days.

If that delinquency reaches 90 days the property is turned over to the attorney to proceed with a lien and law suit.


Vigilante Committee member Steve Barba (casa 156) asked Attorney Gonzalez how we can prevent a home from being sold without paying past due H.O.A. fees. He said it is the responsibility of the Bank which holds the trust to prevent the sale if fees are unpaid. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to take care of all outstanding fees. It is the buyers responsibility that past due amounts are paid before finishing the sale. If that does not happen and the new owner takes possession they then become responsible for the past due fees.


How soon can we turn off electricity on a delinquent house? His response is that how soon we turn off electricity is the choice of the assembly. We have to give 60 days notice before we can file a law suit.



Accountant Javier Vargas presented a budget comparison for the past six (6) months based on a six (6) month budget of $163,000.00. He also gave an analysis of monies received on a regular basis and income from delinquent accounts. For homeowners not present at the meeting the meeting package containing the report is available from the office and on the web site.


President Avila (casa 55) said that the 2009 budget was based on 110 homes paying $150.00/month. Since then we havenít consistently come close to hitting that mark. The meeting packet gives a breakdown of electrical, water and other expenses that increase over time which

Quintas General Assembly Meeting 9/19/09Ö3


we canít control. Then there is the issue of homeowners expanding their properties and creating greater use of electricity and trash for example.


President Avila (casa 55) reminded us that from the delinquent accounts we have collected $48,000.00 and $19,000.00 in advance payments. This extra money is the only way we stay alive. If we had to pay an administrator our monthly expenses would increase up to $3,000.00 more. We canít continue to survive like this. We need to increase our monthly fee to $200.00/month.


Motion to accept Financial Report by Steve Barba (casa 156) second by Jerry Logan (casa 128)

34 in favor, 11 opposed. The motion passed.



In order to keep up with the rising cost of electricity we need to increase the electrical portion of our monthly maintenance fee to $41.00 instead of $27.00 which we have been paying since 2005.


We still are owed about $50,000.00 but when that is all caught up, we still donít have money enough to cover all our expenses.


Motion made by Jerry Logan (casa 128) second (2nd) by Danny Horan (casa 105) to increase the monthly maintenance by $35.00 19 in favor, 32 against. The motion was defeated.


Agenda #10: REAFFIRM GENERAL ASSEMBLY CHARGE OF $27.00 for homes which have more than one kitchen. 33 in favor and 4 against. The motion passed.



In the absence of the Administrator, Glen Hall, this report was covered by other Vigilante Committee members.



Nominated were homeowner Connie Wright (casa 110), Leo Gonzalez (casa 8) and Carmen Champlain (casa 89)

Vote: Connie Wright 22, Leo Gonzalez 8, Carman Champlain 2

Welcome to the Vigilante Committee Connie Wright.



Motion to approve the list of delinquent homeowners as presented in the meeting packet by Danny Horan (casa 105), second (2nd) by Jerry Logan (casa 128). vote 35 in favor, 2 against. The motion passed.



Vigilante committee gives Power of attorney to Attorney Hector Gonzalez to represent Quintas del Mar H.O.A., vote 37 in favor, 2 against. The motion passed.



Motion by Wally Garcia (casa 62) second (2nd) by Eva Mejia (casa 136) If current monthís account is not paid by the 15th of the next month the action to turn off the electricity will begin and if not paid within 30 days from thenthe electricity will be turned off. vote 38 in favor 10 against. The motion passed.

Quintas General Assembly Meeting 9/19/09Ö4


Motion made by Kathy Kreig (TH 4) to increase the maintenance dues to reflect the increase proportionate to what we are presently being charged for electricity. Second (2nd) by Jerry Logan (casa 128). Vote 6 in favor, 27 against. The motion was defeated.


Annual General Assembly meeting set for 3/20/2010.


Agenda #16: Meeting adjourned 2:32 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy Logan (casa 128)




Quintas H.O.A. Vigilante Committee Meeting 7/18/09



Roll Call: President Gus Avila, Secretary Nancy McBride Logan, Treasurer Rosalba Espinoza, Member at Large Steve Barba


TREASURERíS REPORT: The printed report is available by fax from the office (011 52 661 612 0347). At the time of the meeting we have no liabilities due to the fact that we have received advanced payments, therefore we are living from hand to mouth.


Motion made by Steve Barba to accept the Financial Report, Second by Nancy Logan,

Passed unanimously.





Directive from the office to the Security Staff Ė All motorcycles, except for Pizza delivery, must be parked at the guard shack area.


Townhouse #16 is now current with their past due account. Townhouse 1 & 2 is now paying their current month dues and Glen is still in negotiation with the owners. The

electricity has been turned on and as long as we continue with productive negotiation and the payments and being made the power will remain on


Glen had a conversation with the attorney who represents the La Paloma complex with respect to the process of placing a lien on past due properties. Attorney Gonzalez said get the committee approval and he will follow through. The Committee is in agreement to have the Attorney follow through with placing lienís on past due accounts: Glen will inform the attorney.


Re: House #70. The party who was buying the property has been given a lease/rental agreement so he can go forward with selling the property and paying everyone off who is owed money on this property.


Casas #99 & 100 Glen spoke with owner who has been being subsidized by her mother who died recently. Glen gave her a month until her mothersís financial factors have been sorted out and then, if necessary, he will proceed with turning off the electricity at both houses.


Re: Casa #96; Attorney Gonzalez will review the entire file and documents that the owner also has and report to the committee.


A convenio has been made with the Beachcomber and in July they paid $2,240.00 which covers 3 past due months and the current month.

Regarding the issue of the additional $27.00 fee voted on in general assembly meeting in 2005: Jerry Logan said that Franco Rios took charge of the recording of the March 2005
General Assembly. We are now is the process of tracking down the minutes from that meeting for documentation and will continue from there.




Quinta del Mar H.O.A. 7/18/09Ö2


We have made 10 laminated parking passes for the Beachcomber for vehicles which enter claiming to be going there. The driverís license will be held at the cassetta until the vehicle exits.


Discussion regarding the summer assessment which will be on the agenda February 2010.


Discussion about protecting the pool area from non certified users and danger to children. Many possibilities available.


Anna Maria suggests we put a door at the entrance to the Beach at the pool area that has a programmable key pad allowing us change the code at will. Glen will contact Home Depot and other hardware stores for pricing and installation.


Problems with Casa #1 Glen is asking for help from the committee re: t mess and improper remodeling speeding in the complex and other infractions of our by laws. The committee said to refer the issue to our attorney. Gus will speak to the attorney.





Nancy Logan brought up the issue of the inflated electrical bill in the higher usage months of the year. The committee will include this issue at the September general assembly meeting to consider how to offset this increase in our electric bill.


Eddie Monroy thinks we can do a temporary special assessment which he previously has checked on with another attorney. Gus will check with attorney Gonzalez.


Meeting adjourned 12:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Nancy McBride Logan






Quintas H.O.A. Vigilante Committee Meeting 6/27/09


Meeting called to order by President Gus Avila at 10:15. at the Beachcomber Restaurant.


Roll Call: President Gus Avila; Secretary Nancy McBride Logan; Treasurer Rosalba Espinoza; Glen E. Hall Administrator; Accountant Javier Vargas and Attorney Hector Gonzalez. Gus was told by our attorney that we could appoint a homeowner to represent a missing Vigilante Committee member so that we could have a quorum. Homeowner Connie Wright accepted.


FINANCIAL (Profit and Loss): Presented by the accountant Javier Vargas

President Avila remarked that past due payments of over $7,780.00 this month are keeping us at a break even status because the income from homeowners this period was $14,101.00 plus in advance payments giving us $25,231.00 total income.


Nancy McBride remarked that if we were collecting $150.00 from180 homeowners and the Beachcomber at $560.00, the most we could expect to collect per month is $27,560.00. This is not enough to give us a reserve fund or protect us against unforeseen circumstances.


Discussion re: homeowners who have added additional kitchens to their property. At a General Assembly meeting in 2005 it was voted in that an additional $27.00 per month be added to the dues of all homeowners whose home has more than one kitchen. The office investigate the minutes of that General Assembly meeting to verify. Attorney Gonzalez said that we can bill up to 5 years in arrears.


OFFICE REPORT: Glen suggests that we set aside $2,000.00 per month into a reserve account. President Avila wanted to see proof from the office that this is conceivable financially. New employee on board, Heidi Marroquin, who has worked with other H.O.A. groups. Her 1st month salary is $900.00np/week 9:00 Ė 2:00 p.m. Already Heidi is a huge asset to the efficiency of the office. When Anna Maria leaves for maternity leave, and if we keep Heidi, her salary will be increased accordingly. Anna is thrilled about the new copier/printer. She is working with a computer consultant re: sending accounts payment info electronically as a test run.

Motion made by President Avila with 2nd by Secretary Logan to accept financial report


LEGAL (presented by Lic.Gonzalez):

Casa #70 making arrangements for owner to pay all association fees due including legal fees. after his negotiations with the occupant of the house are complete

Motion by Treasurer Espinoza to accept the agreement for Carol Shawís property


Re: #96 Mary Cagleís property proof of ownership issue, Attorney Gonzalez will file suit against Iter. S.A. , the owner of record on the property, and Mary Cagle.




RE: Get little accounts into one account and start a reserve account with the funds which now equals $847.00.


ADMINISTRATORíS REPORT: Working very hard on past due accounts. If more than two months is due, the owner will receive a correspondence giving them 10 days to respond. If they do not respond another letter will be sent stating that the house electricity will be shut off within 72 hours so they canremove perishables and unplug appliances.If the owner again does not respond the above will occur. We have good response to this procedure.


Meetings in process with Todd Fromlath re: TH 1&2, In an effort to avoid court and attorney fees and offer has been made. At their next meeting the agreement must be accepted or the case will go to the attorney.


†† The Maintenance director, Jose Luis Manjarrez has greatly improved the appearance of the ocean front fence and grassy area in front of the Beachcomber.


WE have hired 1 extra man for help with maintenance for 30 days.



Charlie Espinoza, and other owners present, would like to see the listing of accounts to separate out the homes whose past due amount is over $1,000.00. The committee agreed to Asterikthese account listings.


Discussion about public accessibility to homeowners financial information. The Vigilante Committee will follow up on what info will be provided in a secure manner. Concern expressed about how info is being disseminated. Until then the committee strongly recommends that homeowners access the website for information. In the future the accounts could be listed by casa number and not by the ownerís name. Another solution would be to have a password accessibility.The administrator will consult with the attorney.


Meeting adjourned 12:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy McBride Logan







Quinta H.O.A. Board Meeting 4/18/09



President Avila opened the meeting by calling the roll.


ROLL CALL: 10:25 a.m. (Pacific Standard Time) Beachcomber Restaurant. Present: Gus Avila, President; Nancy McBride Logan, Secretary; Rosalba Espinoza, Treasurer; Steve Barba, Member at Large; Glen Hall, Administrator; Javier Vargas, Accountant: Hector Gonzalez Attorney


Administratorís Status Reports:

1. Doing all projects in house taking more time than expected. We need one more maintenance person as soon as money is available even if only part time.

2. One proposal for upgrading walkie/talkie radios, which includes a new bade, 3 new antenas, 1 charger, 6 batteries and refurbishment of the existing 7 radios for $1,100.00.

3. Hotel at top of complex has been contacted regarding their trash dumpster. It has been removed to other side of Hotel out of view of our complex.

4. Clock on door of office indicating when we will return.

5. Sign at entrance to complex indicating where the location of the office.

6. Contacted Rudy Ortiz about empty lot #11 regarding his beautification project.

7. We need a raise for the employees to upgrade their salary during drop in Peso value.

8. Regarding the Jacuzzi we need a 1000 gal propane tank at a cost of approximately $500.00 and a new motor costing minimum $2,000.00. Suggests that we put the project on hold until we are more affluent. Defer to committee.

9. Regarding the round swimming pool access by the general public. Recommends the use of arm bands like we did last summer. Anna Maria suggests a guard at the beach access to the pool area. A decision will be made at the May meeting.

10. Regarding the La Masia pool which is used mainly by the high rise owners and renters. No written agreement exists. Our attorney suggests that we close down the bridge and enforce a gate at the entrance to the pool area until an agreement has been made in writing with the condo property and the finances for maintenance of the pool has been balanced out.


Motion made by Steve Barba, 2nd by Nancy McBride Logan, to control access of the occupants of the vertical condominium until such time as outstanding debt has been resolved and commitment to be responsible formaintenance of the pool area is accepted by the Condo Association SA de CV. Yes 3 votes


Security & Maintenance: Report from Jose Luis Manjarrez, head of. Security & Maintenance Since the last meeting all of the trees on the South side have been pruned. A great deal of trash has been removed. The brush and trash on the outside of the South wall is a fire hazard partially from palm tree overgrowth at house 139 and remodel trash being thrown over the wall. He suggests that the administrator alert the fire department. Our personnel has taken care of the sagging wiring so that it is not as easily accessible to thieves. Wiring for exterior lighting has been installed in conduit along 90% of the South wall with the remaining portion being hindered by construction of homeowners who abut that wall. New lamps were installed with increased brightness for better security at night. At house #70 Jose Luis has interrupted the line excluding service to that house. The damaged covers over Registers are being replaced. To date 5 have been replaced. Electrical common meter supply boxes that serve 4 or more homes are old and a potential hazard. Jose wants to eliminate these boxes. He wants a breaker box at each home.


Quinta H.O.A. 4/09Ö.2


Eventually we need to upgrade our existing wiring so that the electric company can provide individual service to each home

Break in to house 124 and 153 last weekend by climbing over south wall and climbing up on the overhanging roof on the North wall allowing easy access to homes on the inside of the wall. We will be installing razor wire on top of the walls where necessary


Steve Barba and Anna Maria will seek out estimates for cameras placed around the complex.


Financial Report: Anna Maria Arellano Office manager: Yearly invoices from houses 96 & 70 have been submitted to attorney Gonzalez. The minutes of the general assembly are going to be ready by April 21. Once we have this we can start changing signatures at all the banks. Gus requests that we hire a person in office by July for July & August part time and full time September to deal with Anna Mariaís 3 month maternity leave.


We have improved our payment control system in the office for instant access of entire history from 2007 to date. Also, the office has access to checks into the B of A lock box on a daily basis.

Anna Maria requests that each homeowner put their house number on their payment. If you make a payment to the bank teller you must demand that the house number is indicated with the deposit. If a teller deposit is made send a fax to the office of the payment you have made. The association does not accept mailed payments from the U.S. Use your preaddressed envelope in your mailing.


Treasurerís Report: Report given by Rosalba Espinoza, Treasurer. Reports available upon request by email or fax. March End Net profit $5,925.00. Total of bank accounts balance $63,894.36. We will follow through with the accountant providing quarterly audit reports.


Attorneyís Update: Attorney Gonzalez reported that notarization of the General assembly minutes is complete and available by 4/21/09. The notarized minutes are then recorded at city hall and a copy is registered with the arbitration board. This will allow Power of Attorney for Lic.Gonzalez to represent the H.O.A. in court and the Vigilence committee and administrator to switch over the bank accounts. Minutes of the monthly H.O.A. meeting do not need to be recorded by a Notary unless there is a directive requiring Power of Attorney.


Motion made by Steve Barba to accept the Treasureís Report, 2nd by Nancy McBride Logan.

Passed by unanimous vote.


General Discussion: President Avila found that Wells Fargo could do the same or better service with a lock box for a reduction of almost $2,000/yr. He will approach B of A to see if they will meet or do better for us or else we will change to Wells Fargo. Weíre looking at an action plan to collect delinquent accounts. By next month we should have names of applicants for part time help for Anna Maria. By next meeting we should have all the checking accounts transferred over with Administrator Glen Hall and Rosalba Espinoza able to sign for Mexican accounts checks and President Avila and Treasurer Rosalba Espinoza in control of the lock box and CD accounts.

Regarding the propane accounts. The office is investigating the issue of hazardous propane tanks. We will have the fire department make the judgement of which tanks can not be used. As soon as this information is obtained the committee will advise homeowners as to removing, replacing or providing maintenance to existing tanks.


Meting adjourned, 1:30 p.m. Respectfully submitted Nancy McBride Logan, Secretary



Quinta H.O.A. Board Meeting 3/21/09


ROLL CALL: 10:15 a.m. (Pacific Standard Time) Beachcomber Restaurant. Present: Gus Avila, President; Nancy McBride Logan, Secretary; Rosalba Espinoza, Treasurer; Steve Barba, Member at Large; Maria Cerda, Member at Large; and Glen Hall, Administrator.


President Avila opened the meeting by welcoming the elected vigilance committee members and homeowners present. Our goal, he said, is to provide meaningful pertinent and current information that affects us as homeowners. The structure of how our complex operates is the vigilance committee, which answers to the homeowners, followed by the administrator who oversees both office personnel and the foreman who oversees maintenance and security personnel.

He requests that everyone who has an issue put in writing their request and/or comment and turn it into the office (in person, by direct mail, email or fax ) so the office can keep track of what is going on. If a discrepancy occurs there is a paper trail. No special requests of the employees and office staff during their work hours will be allowed.


Jose Luis Manjarrez, head of maintenance, presented a video showing electrical problems:

Sagging electrical wiring encumbered with plant overgrowth.

Thief of copper wiring.

South wall:

Thieves are entering the complex by climbing trees in the empty lot on south side of the complex wall and stripping the plastic off wiring to steal the copper leaving the plastic sheath on the ground. Excessive wiring disarray and potential fire and life hazard is present.

Poor installation of wiring for the majority of the homes on the South Wall was evident.

New Cassetta on Southwest corner allows our guards full view of the south boarder

North wall:

Cases of improper wiring due to poor and improper work of outside contractors.

Overgrowth of plants creating dangerous pressure on retaining walls.

Electrical boxes in very poor condition at many homes.

The following items are the priorities:

Repair the TV and Telephone wiring.

Repair wiring of lamps located on the south side of the complex

Wire repair of electrical boxes

Quotes for replacement of electric boxes

Jose said the video is on a DVD and available for any homeowner through the office.

Jose is asking for standards from the HOA from outside contractors. Attorney Gonzalez recommended we do as much work ďin houseĒ as possible then hire an electrical contractor to oversee the work.

QUINTA H.O.A. 3/21/09Ö2


Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet Reviewed.:

Discussion about scanner device that could be installed in office or approach B of A for better rate for lock box until we can present a change to the general assembly. Treasurer Rosalba Espinoza gave a recap of current month of March. We are holding our own but the current exchange rate is helping our financial status. Treasurer working with the accountant will provide a quarterly report of our financial status.

The accountant presented the potential of being on the positive side of our financial situation, if the current rate of exchange remains the same, by the end of the year.

Steve Barba made motion to accept treasurerís report, 2nd by Nancy Logan which passed 5/0.


Legal counsel, Hector Gonzalez, reported his retainer covers assisting in the review of the minutes for notarization, be available to answer questions from the homeowners regarding legal issues, allow any homeowner to call him directly and advise the HOA on general matters. Law suit cases are a separate issue billable at 10-15% for court costs based on the sued amount payable by the homeowner. The up front fee from the HOA to the attorney is $500.00/case which will be recouped from the funds when the case is won.

At present, 3 properties are in process of law suit: Casa 96; casa 70; and La Masia. Requests from homeowners present included other delinquent properties that might be less problematic to collect.

Nancy requested that we have a working Jacuzzi. Glen Hall, Administrator, said that heating the Jacuzzi is the problem and that repair would probably mean repair or replacing the propane lines and he will obtain an estimate of heating the unit on a monthly basis. He will also look into the cost of a solar panel and tub cover.

The board and Administrator will investigate Anna Marieís request for a part time assistant. She needs a part time assistant beginning after the general assembly meeting September19, 2009 while she is on maternity leave.

Attorney Hector Gonzalez will review the minutes of General Assembly meeting of 2/28/09 and then meet with two notarios he knows in Tijuana for the best price.

President Avila will contact Gloria Farias for the return of the Nextel radios she has. Steve Barba requests the board create a plan for homeowners to help solve problems.

President Avila announced a General Assembly meeting to be held September 19, 2009 followed by a barbeque. The next H.O.A. board meeting is April 19. The board is requesting that you return an email to the Quinta address above so that we may have rapid access to you when we need to communicate information.

Meeting adjourned 1:20 (PST), Respectfully submitted,

Nancy McBride Logan