Quintas H.O.A. Vigilante Committee Meeting October 17, 2009


                To All Quintas Homeowners,


Attached for your reference is a copy of the Vigilante Committee minutes for the December meeting. I hope everyone is well as we prepare for Holiday season upon us.  On December 12th we hosted the Employee X-Mas Party at the Beachcomer, which I believe was enjoyed by all who attended. We continue to whether the difficult economic situation(s) affecting Quintas. As some of you may be experiencing financial hardship it has a domino effect on us when maintenance payments are not paid in a timely manner. Be assured we continue to follow-up with our delinquent homeowners with the termination of electricity to their casa and subsequent submission to the Association’s Attorney. Please make a concentrated effort in paying the monthly fee of $150. Again I encourage everyone’s presence to our General Assembly Meeting scheduled for January 30, 2010 in order to approve our 2010 Budget and elect the Committee Members for next new.



L. Gus Avila,

Presidente de Vigilent Committee



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