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As always I will start with good news first. Due to aggressive collections we are starting to collect past owed money. One of the reasons is we are able to get things done is because of all of you making your monthly payments on time. We are posting the aging report on our website every month. If you have any questions on your account please do not hesitate to call the office.

See current pictures information and the Presidents message


Our current electrical projects are moving along on schedule. The north wall is complete with new lights and the new guard Casita is totality completed... The south wall is rewired and the new lights will be installed shortly. The ocean wall is next; we will repair the broken wood, and replace the aging and broken electrical wire. We are also going to put up more lighting for both security and pleasure.


Regarding security we are rearranging our schedule to have more guards on at night. As always the best deterrent is to be observant of your neighbors, if you see something that is not right, call the guard shack. 100-2046. At this point, almost every thing we have done regards security.


I have a strong request from Anna Marie in the office   PUT YOUR CASA # ON YOUR CHECK.  We have several people with the same names which caused us to do a wrong posting because of no house number was indicated The error has now been corrected.


Due to vacation and graduation schedules, the June board meeting has been rescheduled for June 27th.


Till next month

One day at a time with humor



Glen E. Hall








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